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Box Tops for Education and Coke Rewards

Box Tops are little coupons found on everyday items such as Ziploc bags, Betty Crocker frosting, Pillsbury rolls, and General Mills cereal.  Each one of these coupons is worth ten cents; which really adds up!  Use the collection sheet on the back of this letter to get started collecting right away.  Once it’s full, keep on going by starting a Ziploc collection bag; bags can be kept on the refrigerator or in a kitchen drawer.  You and your child will be amazed how quickly those little coupons turn into dollars to help purchase books, materials, and equipment for our school! 


Here are a couple Box Tops collection tips:   


Check Expiration Dates — Keep an eye on the date in the lower right corner.  Be sure that when cutting out Box Tops the date is visible.


No Staples, Please — When attaching Box Tops to collection sheets, use glue or tape.  Staples are not allowed in our submissions and must be removed by Prospect volunteers before we can collect our cash… ouch!


Get Others Involved — Increase your collection by asking grandparents, relatives, childless friends, and co-workers to clip and collect Box Tops for Prospect!


Submit Often –– Box Tops for Education will send Prospect a check twice a year.  Collect year-round and make sure to turn in what you have by the October and February deadlines to ensure we collect as much money as possible during those periods.


Sign up Online –– It’s easy and free. Sign up to support our school at, where you can:

  • See how much our school is earning with Box Tops
  • Enter online promotions for chances to win Bonus Box Tops and other prizes
  • Print money-saving coupons for your favorite Box Tops brands
  • Make mealtime easier with family-pleasing recipes


To learn more, visit—and thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!

For over 80 years, Coca-Cola has been supporting schools and providing resources that help create exciting opportunities for students. The My Coke Rewards for Schools program refreshes this longstanding commitment by enabling your community to support all the ways kids play and make great things happen for your school. You can donate My Coke Rewards points to eligible accredited schools grades K-12, and help them get things like athletic equipment, classroom supplies, learning aids and more. For more information and to donate to our school,
Thanks for choosing to support our school!